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About Us

Vision Statement:

To be a model of a healthy eco-system.

Mission Statement:

Cultivating personal, social, environmental, and economic health through organic agriculture.

About The Cutting Veg

The Cutting Veg (TCV) is an eco-social enterprise rooted in organic farming. TCV runs four programs aimed at cultivating personal, social, environmental, and economic health.

We cultivate multiple acres of mixed vegetables, making organic food more accessible to veg lovers of Southern Ontario.  

In addition to produce sales, TCV runs the “Global Garlic Project.”  Specifically, we grow approximately 20 varieties of garlic from around the world, including Polish, Persian, Italian, Russian, Korean, and Israeli. 

TCV also provides Food Coaching Services, which offers garden & composting project support, agri-business training, food-based workshops, and part-time farming internships. 

Finally, TCV offers one-on-one “Wellness Counselling” for individuals who want to take steps forward with their health and happiness. Collectively, these programs are helping TCV towards the achievement of its quadruple bottom line: Personal health, Social health, Environmental health, and Economic health. TCV is owned and managed by Daniel Hoffmann. Daniel is an Organic Farmer, Social Worker (BSW), Counsellor, and has been farming in B.C. and Ontario since 2000.

For more information about The Cutting Veg, contact Daniel Hoffmann at (647) 388-7444 or or visit our blog at