Garden Coaching in Condos

The Cutting Veg has teamed up with Jane Hayes of Garden Jane to offer Garden Coaching Services to Condo Developers.

Working with condo residents, we help to form a Gardening Committee which oversees the Condo Community Garden. Through our Garden Coaching process, we help condo residents learn the skills necessary to run a thriving garden, and to build a fun and supportive gardening community. Condo residents report taking great joy in both having a place to grow food, and in the sense of community and friendships that result through participation in the garden. Garden Jane and The Cutting Veg hope to see the day when there is a garden within walking, rolling or biking distance of every child and to see our cities led by generations of lifetime gardeners and naturalists. Growing a culture of gardeners and staying with projects over time is our commitment to helping this become possible.

For more info on Garden Coaching in Condos, please contact Daniel Hoffmann at 647-388-7444, or