Workshop Topics

TCV offers workshops that support people to cultivate a thriving relationship with food. Some workshops are based out of TCV farm in Sutton, Ontario, while others can be urban based. Below is a list of some of the workshops opportunities that TCV offers:

Workshop: Preserving the Harvest

For those of us who wish to eat locally year-round, the climate of Southern Ontario can pose some challenges. However, if we put some energy into preserving the harvest, eating localy in the winter is very achievable. This workshop will provide an in-depth look at the four primary methods of preserving food: canning, drying, freezing, and storing. This workshop will occur partially within a kitchen so that we can practice some of the preserving methods right in the workshop.

Workshop: Planning Your Organic Veggie Garden

 Are you interested in growing your own organic veggie garden this season?  Come and meet with Organic Farmer Daniel Hoffmann, from The Cutting Veg Organic Farm, and clarify your vision for a flourishing veggie patch.  Explore some of the core concepts of organic agriculture, such as plant propogation, plant care, soil preparation and health, pest management, and composting, while doing some gardening right in the workshop.  All levels of gardener are welcome.

Workshop: Making a Difference through Food

This workshop is an holistic exploration of how each of us can take action to make a difference in the world through food. In specific, it will look at how to take effective Personal Action, Community Action, and Political Action. The workshop is experiential in nature, including some sprouting or planting work, ensuring that we are "taking action" right there in the workshop, not just talking about it.

Workshop: Intro to VermiComposting

Transforming food waste into nutritious fertilizer for the soil is easy through the process of VermiComposting, or Worm Composting.  By collaborating with Red Wriggler worms, masses of waste can be diverted from the landfill, while producing fertilizer of the highest quality for our indoor and outdoor plants.  Learn from The Cutting Veg Organic Farm the basics of VermiComposting, and make your ecological footprint a positive one.
 This workshop will include everyone making their own VermiComposter (Indoor Worm bin) to take home.  This is a quick and simple process, and the VermiComposters will be ready to use right away.

Cooking Classes:

The Cutting Veg cooking classes place an emphasis on healthy and affordable foods. Eating healthy does not need to be extremely time consuming and so these classes will help you to look at food preparation through a health-conscious lens using time sensitive skills and techniques.  Our four part workshop series "Simple, Veggie Classics" offers the opportunity for participants to hone their culinary skills, while reinvigorating their passion for cooking.  Cooking workshops can take place at your location, or a location can be provided for your group

To organize a workshop for your community group, or to inquire about upcoming workshops, contact Daniel Hoffmann at (647) 388-7444 or