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Farm Talk Podcast

Exploring a beginner's developing relationship with local & organic food.

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Episode 1 – Seeds:
Host Eric looks to sow seeds of local, organic agriculture in his own life.
Download (10 MB .mp3)

Episode 2 – Sprouts:
Eric explores what's sprouting in farmers fields and in his own journey with local, organic food.
Download (11.7 MB .mp3)

Episode 3 – Weeds:
Eric discovers that weeds are everywhere around him, and reconsiders best approaches to ridding them from his plants.
Download (11.2 MB .mp3)

Episode 4 – Flowers:
Eric discovers the power that flowers offer in courtship.
Download (11.4 MB .mp3)

Episode 5 – Fruit:
Eric learns why they say that the early bird gets the worm, and why the patient bird gets the fruit.
Download (16.8 MB .mp3)