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Wellness Counselling

Each of us has the ability to increase our health and happiness. Being happy and healthy requires action and commitment. We all have physical, emotional, social, professional, mental, and spiritual aspects to our characters, and each require our attention. Balancing these can be rigorous and challenging.

Do you feel ready to take action to cultivate a greater sense of health and happiness in your life?

As a Wellness Counsellor, I will help you identify the areas in your life in which you are most ready to move forward. We may focus, for example, on your emotional or physical health, your professional life, the people in your life, or your relationship with food. In a one hour session, we will work together to raise your consciousness regarding your general well-being, generating strategies that enable you to increase your health and happiness in your daily life.

I obtained a Bachelor of Social Work in 1998, and have been counselling individuals since. My own passion for a balanced life informs the work that I do. I specialize in working with people in their 20's and 30's to cultivate greater health and happiness in their lives.

For more information, or to book an appointment, contact Daniel Hoffmann at (647) 388-7444 or